Friday, July 24, 2009

Hormone Health Tips from last weekend's conference

Las Vegas Health Convention Notes---Alternative Hormone Health

Wow!!! I just read the article below, and I couldn't believe the correlation to what I learned last weekend. I'd never heard some of this stuff before!!!

The session at our AIM Convention was taught by Micheline O-Shaughnessy. Her website is entirely in French, but she recommends in English.

Some things I learned from her about hormones:

• Natural progesterone cream (made from wild yams) can help balance out the estrogen spike in the last half of a woman’s cycle that causes PMS symptoms. If a woman uses less progesterone than recommended (generally ¼ tsp a day), it can actually worsen symptoms by activating estrogen instead of balancing it out.
• Progesterone cream can be rubbed on the belly during menstrual cramping for relief.
• Belly fat is a factory for estrogen in both men and women.
• Progesterone cream has been used topically to help the placenta stay attached to uterine wall during difficult pregnancies (talk with a health practitioner).
• Progesterone cream used within the last two weeks of childbirth can hinder contractions from starting for delivery. A woman who is using these emergency measures must stop using the cream 2 weeks before delivery to allow contractions to begin. It can help prevent premature delivery in certain situations.
• A baby swims in progesterone and estriol in the uterus.
• Progesterone can help with mild endometriosis or fibroids.
• Estrogen taken orally increases blood clotting factors and is difficult for the liver to handle. She recommends transdermal estrogen gel if needed during menopause.
• When a woman stops ovulating, she stops producing progesterone.
• There is accelerated loss of bone mass during menopause. Apparently, progesterone helps build bone mass. Biphosphonates such as Fosamax keep dead bone mass to increase bone density but doesn’t help bone quality. It interferes with the natural protein structure of the bones.
• Men have some estrogen. If they have too much, it can cause heart issues or prostate issues.
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I just got some feedback from a health care professional whose opinion I requested. She cautioned that women whose hormones are already balanced could be thrown off balance by taking progesterone cream. She also reminded us that many of our health issues are due to lifestyle choices such as diet, caffeine, work hours, relationship issues, etc. She also mentioned that progesterone suppositories for pregnant women are often stopped at 12-16 weeks due to too much progesterone after that point causing urinary tract malformation in baby boys.

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